Maxim Power - Power Tools Supplier

Maxim Power was established in 2018, with the objective to cover the maximum area in the power tools equipment industry. Today we are a provider of premium and multi range power tools, Abrasives, Saw Blades, SGT Drill bits, and other many accessories.

Maxim power is one of the top power tools suppliers in India, which provides top notch quality products with its high prioritized standards. Our items are properly tried for dependability, sturdiness and execution, which further empower us to offer the best shopping experience to customers including driving organizations and industrial facilities.

Our Mission

Maxim Power has set a goal to provide quality and service with its all kinds of products like power tools equipment. We will help people to smooth construction functioning in industries and housework tasks through our wide product range.

Our Vision

We are aiming to become a one stop platform for power tools equipment. Where individuals and enterprises can keep their working smooth while using our all the product range and they could complete their any kind of under construction or stuck work.


Premium Quality Product

We provide best quality tools at reasonable cost.



Most trusted brands with a variety of products range at best prices.



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